Why another home page, nobody cares about?

Well, I have to refresh my knowledge in web programming so I thought I could do with a little practice. My old home page was never really existent (no content, no charge) and the design was disgusting. These pages are written in "correct" HTML- or XHTML code respectively, Java-Script and Java. Further the application of PHP and mySQL is planned.
For friends there will be a protected area with infos and pictures of the family. More topics: Scripts, applets, icons and True-Type Fonts for downloading, jokes, ancestor research and high-heels.

These web pages have been written under strict consideration of the XHTML 1.0 definition of the World Wide Web Consortium and are shown correctly with Internet Explorer 6.0. Should other browsers do not show these pages correctly, please send me a mail, so I can change the code. Too see how these pages should look, please see the page-info in each case.


Bookmarks possible  (2002/05/03)

It is now possible to save a bookmark for every single page. The drawback is, that the frame of the main page has to be redrawn by the broser when opening a new page in the content window.

New Content  (2002/04/30)


A page with Jokes and funny stuff in German and English language. This collection will be maintained and enlarged now and then.

Picture Gallery

A first approach for a picture gallery can now be seen. More photos will follow and the design will be refined.

Design has changed  (2002/04/30)


The menu column has been made smaller to gain more space for the main window.

Programming more effective  (2002/04/30)


The main window is now been realized by the means of iframes. The major draw back is, that the page can now only be viewed with modern browsers. But the maintenance of the used design is a lot easier. A work around for older browsers is on its way as well as the possibility to directly bookmark single pages.
The "frame" stays the same, whereas the contents in the content window change. The size of the content window is dynamically adapted.


The menu has not only become smaller but it is now possible to hide the menu completely by double clicking the word "Menu"!


The whole web site is consequently made in two languages, as there are German and English. One can change from on language to the other any time now. The language first displayed is the one the browser is configured for.

New home page online  (2002/03/20)

From today on the new home page will be online in test mode and replaces the old one. Not all of the pages and features do function. A lot of content has to be added and the details of programming will change. This site should live, that means whenever I will find some time, things here will change. I am looking forward to get comments and hints and I would like to hear your wishes.


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